Pro Chef

Ham Hock Terrine with Apricots and Pistachios a favourite from Original Recipes that tastes amazing

What is Pro Chef

Pro chef was established as a chef aid to the catering industry.  The majority of pate type products used are Belgian Cheap products that have no quality and taste but due to their price chefs tend to purchase them rather than making it themselves, with limited time and resources chefs have to make a decision and the catering blocks are normally the answer.  Pro Chef was created to bring great quality to the catering industry at an affordable price.  Our team of dedicated staff can provide a delicious range of pates and terrines to suit any tastes and we can also create bespoke recipes for our clients.

Hand Made Chef Quality

Our Hand made pates and terrines range from the simple to the extravagant, all made with fresh ingredients and no added additives or preservatives, please see below for our product range.

Affordable Options for Busy Chefs

Quality is key in the catering industry but it has to fit a price.  The Pro Chef range has been developed with chef in mind and our terrines come in 900g blocks which range between 0.70-1.50p per portion at cost.  This gives the chef peace of mind whilst keeping a nice profit margin and allowing him/her to concentrate on other things on the menu.  For more information on prices please get in contact with one of our distributors.

We love working closely with chefs, have an idea for a bespoke recipe?