Customer Reviews

Juliet Sandle, Partirdges


“We Love Granny Marys Potted Beef at Partridges and really want your products to sell well here because it’s such a lovely product, I hope customers get to realise this“

Simon Dunn, Cawston Press


“Brilliant here comes the revival of a great brand”

Andrew Patterson, Harrogate


“I bought two of your Potted Beef and yes they are VERY VERY and VERY GOOD..!!”

Susan Wheeldon, Cheadle


“I love Potted Beef, but yours was like nothing ive every tasted before and I don’t think I will taste anything better”

Nick Inkester, SSP Group


“Sally, Pippa and I tried the butter topped pot and declared it delicious”

Hayley Birch, Macclesfield


"The best pate I’ve ever had. Highly recommend yum yum"

Maggie Farrell


"Granny Mary's best! It took me back to when I was a little girl having tea at my grans. It's that taste you want from other beef spreads but just don't get. The chicken liver doesn't disappoint either. And yes I'm tempted to pass it off as home-made!! "

Anna Melton, Chesterfield


"I'm not a fan of meat pastes or offal-based pates but tried Granny Mary's for the first time today. Wow! Husband and I have devoured the smoked turkey with cranberries and beef pates with a loaf of tiger bread. We are literally fighting over the scrapings. Pots of duck and orange and venison pate have been hidden in the freezer and will be produced on Christmas Day to impress our dinner guests. I am a convert....and very,very full."

Emma Price, Hadfield


"Had the pleasure of sampling some patè at the Great British Food Fair this weekend and it was so good we had to buy some, the duck and orange and the chicken liver were our choice but I could have had the all. Gorgeous flavours,  lovely texture and extremely moorish. Will definitely be buying more."

Kimberley Kostryca


"Delicious! Great range of flavours. Smooth consistency and high quality taste. Will be buying more!"

Michael Harvey, Telford


"I was lucky enough to try a selection of the amazing foods today and would recommend to anyone who loves great tasting food. With nothing added!!"

Rita Temple, Harworth


"Chicken Liver Mmmm! How surprising that I love it so much. A real revelation."

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