Granny Mary


Mary (Sutherland) made her luxury potted beef for her husband Eddie’s sandwiches in the 1920s, when he was a pioneer salesman for Lyons Tea. Eddie would deliver the potted beef along with the tea.

This was not to Lyons Tea liking, so in 1927 Eddie started a family business delivering Granny Mary’s potted beef all over the north of England.

Granny Mary made the potted beef in a dark cellar lit by candles for over three years in a little house in Tavistock Road, Sheffield.

Due to Eddie & Mary Sutherland’s endeavors and Mary’s secret recipes the business grew and before long a range of potted meats and pastes were being delivered all over Yorkshire & Lancashire.

Sutherland's became a well-known family firm in Yorkshire, noted for quality produce.


At Granny Mary's we ensure that all our products are handmade in small batches, to ensure the highest quality and consistency, and are completely free from any cereals, artificial flavorings, coloring’s or preservatives – ‘Just as it should be,’ bringing back Granny’s traditional recipes from the 1920’s tweaked only slightly to suit the modern palate. We passionately believe in using only the best quality ingredients to create a truly special taste sensation that will take you on a gourmet journey of flavors from the first mouthful.

The company Ethos is the same today as it has always been “Absolutely Nothing Artificial”